There will be 100k+ space vehicles by 2030.


︎ Debris tracking
︎ ISRU system planning
︎ Autonomous sattelites
︎ Astronomy data.

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Aerospace is one of the most exciting and challenging fields of human endeavor. Filled with extremely complex problems that require dedicated software.

Whether it is designing rockets, satellites, planes, or spacecraft, aerospace engineers need software that can handle the intricate physics, dynamics, and control of these systems. Software that can optimize performance, safety, and reliability under various conditions and scenarios.

Energy is another domain that demands sophisticated software solutions. From renewable sources like solar, wind, and hydro to nuclear fusion and fission, energy engineers need software that can model, simulate, and manage the production and distribution of power. Software that can balance supply and demand, reduce emissions, and increase efficiency. Software that can also explore the frontiers of new physics, such as quantum computing and dark matter.

One of the most ambitious goals of aerospace and energy is to enable human exploration and settlement of other worlds. This requires software that can support in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) and autonomous systems. ISRU is the process of using local materials to produce useful products such as fuel, water, oxygen, and building materials. Autonomous systems are those that can operate without human intervention or supervision, such as rovers, drones, robots, and habitats. Software that can enable ISRU and autonomous systems is essential for expanding humanity's presence and capabilities in the solar system and beyond.


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