We are Dark Matter Collective,
the invisible baryons that influence titanic galaxies.

Dark Matter Collective is a Product team based in Lisbon, Portugal's capital city. We serve brands that have a serious desire to facilitate an unforgettable and effective experience for their clients. Together, we develop lovable products. We transcend the abstract to form palpable and virtual objects rooted in passion.

Just because something is invisible doesn't mean its influence is undetectable. We can only see 4% of the cosmos, the rest is made of exotic forms of matter and energy. The former is solely known as dark matter, a type of matter which can only be detected through the enormous architectonic influence it has on the large scale structures of the universe.

Our Process

starts with a deep dive into our clients' problems. So we can:

Plan trajectories for complex solutions
Envision and refine people’s experiences
Deploy functional & beautiful products

Our Services

range from product and development for:


Next generation Solutions


Android & iOS native apps


3d Products & CAD Modelling for industry

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